New Dong Nai bridge construction

Location: One bridge end of new Dong Nai bridge that is on highway 51, is distant Vung Tau crossing about 900m; the other bridge end that is Tan Van intersection is distant current Dong Nai bridge about 1,5km towards Ho chi Minh city.
Investor: Dong Nai bridge BOT JSC
Super construction:
+ Box girder bridge include 8 spans by prestressed reinforcement concrete that set up according to chart 55+4x73+55+2x24.7m;
+ Width: 20.0m (including 3 mechanism lanes and 2 miwture lanes)
Sub construction:
Support's made by reinforcement concrete, diameter of pile foundation's 1-:-1.5m
Scope of work of Dat Phuong Joint Stock Company :
- Block Ko and casting box girder on pier T4, T5.
- Bridge's length to 2 parapet wall: L=461,6m
- Construction progress: 24 months
- Investment capital total up to 1.877 billions vietnamdong ( including over 1200 billions vnd of construction capital, over 600 billions vnd of land clearance capital).
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