Dai Phuoc Bridge - Nhon Trach Dong Nai

The bridge crosses Dong Nai river,It belongs to road and bridge project on Dai Phuoc urban ecotourism - Nhon Trach District - Dong Nai Province.
Investor: Development Investment Construction J. S Corporation (DIC Corp) - Ministry of Construction.
Date of origination: Juner 2007
Date of completion:May 2009
Technical descriptrions
+ Super construction: Length: 525.14m, including 3 beams multispan 70 + 110 + 70 by reinforcement concrete box girder. Width B= 14.5m. Approach spans are made of reinforcement concrete, L= 33m with I-beam cross section
+ Sub construction: supportings of reinforcement concrete're put on pile foundations D= 1,2-1,5m
- Work scope of Dat Phuong Joint Stock Company:
+ Executing abutment M2, supporting T3- T10 and pier cap T2
+ Executing Box beam structure by reinforcement concrete with balance cantilever method, aperture 70+110+70m
+ Executing 8 spans by prestressed reinforcement concrete with I-beam cross section, L=33m.


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