Song Tranh Bridge - Song Tranh 2 Hydro power Quang Nam

Song Tranh Bridge is one of the items of the Song tranh 2 Hydropower Project.
Location: Bac Tra My, Quang Nam Province
Investor: Hydropower Project Management Board 3
Technical descriptrions
- Length: L = 245.5 m
- Super construction: including 7 spams by prestressed reinforcement concrete, L=33m, Width B=8m
- Sub construction: Support's made by reinforcement concrete, diameter of pile foundation's 1m.
was completed in 12/2006. Using Song Tranh Bridge created advantage conditions to carry out the Song Tranh 2 Hydropower Project. Moreover, Song Tranh Bridge serve life, especially Song Tranh 2 Hydropower's resettlement area.This is an important infrastructure of the Ho Chi Minh line.



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