Ramp bridge No.2 Gia Lam side belong to Thanh Tri bridge

Thanh Tri bridge is the largest bridge project in seven bridges project of Hanoi via Red River, starting from highway 1A at Phap Van (Thanh Tri) to highway 5 at Sai Dong (Gia Lam) . Total length's over 12,000 m. It's wide 33.10 m with six lanes (4-lane expressway), admissible speed 100 km / h. After completed, Thanh Tri bridge will contribute to solving traffic jam in Hanoi.
Investor: Thang Long Project Management Unit
Main Contractor: Obayashi Joint Venture
Scope work of Dat Phuong JSC:
Length: 3,084m
Width: 33m
Design speed: 100km/h
Technical descriptrions:
- Box beam structure with large aperture 80+120+80 (m) is carried out by balance cantilever method
- I-beam reinforcement concrete structure L= 33m, launching by sinle-purpose pallet
- Sub construction: Pile foundation D= 1m-:- 1.5 m; length 50-:-60m. 


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