Trai Hut bridge construction

Location: Van Yen district- Yen Bai Province
Trai Hut bridge which crosses the Red River being on Provincial Road 163 in Van Yen district of Yen Bai Province, this is main point construction of Yen Bai province in promoting economic development and social security and national defense. With investment total is over 120 billion vnd including main bridge, railroad overbrigde and approach road.
+ Super construction: Width B= 9m, Length L= 277.4m that set up according to chart as dimension of 2 spans is 33m, dimension of 2 spans is 50m and dimension of1 span is 90m
+ Construction process: balance cantilever method ; launching by sinle-purpose pallet
+  Sub construction: supportings of reinforcement concrete're put on pile foundations D= 1,5m
+ Two- bridge end road's length is almost 300m with high-order pavement A1
+ According to schedule, construction will complete and used in November 2010.

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