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Casamia project investor accompanies with the construction units to overcome Covid-19 epidemic


Quang Nam is one of the provinces seriously affected by the 2nd outbreak of Covid-19 epidemic. Any production activity as well as people’s daily life are also greatly affected.

In order to share the difficulties in Covid-19 epidemic season with the construction units, on August 17, the Board of Directors of Dat Phuong Hoi An Joint Stock Company organized a visit and gave gifts to the whole workers who were working at the Casamia project. This is one of the activities that were full of humanity, is the cultural beauty of the whole Company through “altruistic and charitable” programs in difficult times. The gifts including necessities such as food, masks, antiseptic water, etc. were promptly supported by the Board of Directors of the Company with the hope that the construction units could be unanimous and determined to support each other to overcome difficulties in this period, join hands to continue preventing from and fighting against the epidemic

Board of Directors of Dat Phuong Hoi An organized a visit and gave gifts to the construction units

Also during the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak in March 2020, Dat Phuong Hoi An donated VND 300 million to the Fatherland Front Committee of Quang Nam province, implementing corporate social responsibility for difficulties in the province as well as contributing to the prevention and fighting against the epidemic in the province. Since the outbreak returned in late July, the epidemic prevention and fighting has also been strictly and drastically implemented by the Board of Directors and staff of Dat Phuong Hoi An. The whole company has actively implemented epidemic prevention and fighting activities at Casamia project such as: spraying antiseptics on a large scale, arranging officers and employees to work at home, organizing periodic health examination as well as checking health for those who entered/ left from the project, etc.

Continuously conducting activities to demonstrate responsibility to the society, Dat Phuong Hoi An in particular and Dat Phuong in general always want to spread altruistic and charitable spirit, sharing, creating strength to mutually repel Covid-19 epidemic, contributing to bringing good values ​​to the community and to the Society.

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