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Traffic opening ceremony of the project of urban transport development and intersection of South Binh Bridge in Hai Phong city


On May 3 morning, the People’s Committee of Hai Phong city solemnly held engineering transport opening ceremony at South Binh Bridge intersection. The ceremony was attended by the Senior Central Leaders and leaders of departments and branches of Hai Phong city. This was a modern transport project with a great significance, opened to the public right on the occasion of celebrating the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Hai Phong. With the attention and direction of the Board of Directors of Dat Phuong Company as well as the effective coordination of the Project Executive Board with the Investor and related units, after more than 20 months of urgent construction with the high sense of determination, Dat Phuong completed the project under the set progress, contributing to improving transport, enhancing Binh bridge exploitation capacity; creating favorable conditions for regional connectivity with National Highway 5, National Highway 10 and North Cam River Urban Area, creating a premise for socio-economic development of the city and neighboring areas, ensuring sustainable development objective. 

Mr. Nguyen The Chinh – Deputy General Director of Dat Phuong Joint Stock Company (fifth from the left) at the engineering transport opening ceremony at the South Binh Bridge intersection 

05South Binh Bridge intersection (Hai Phong)

Also on May 3, the People’s Committee of Hai Phong city held a transport opening ceremony for Hai Phong urban transport development project. This is a project using ODA fund of the World Bank (World Bank). Niem 2 Bridge is an important project of Hai Phong urban transport development project, and is also one of the largest bridges of the project of crossing Lach Tray River – connecting Vinh Niem ward (Le Chan district) with Dong Hoa ward (Kien An district). With prestige and experience in implementation, Dat Phuong is one of two joint-name contractors of Niem 2 Bridge with 30m wide, 4 lanes, 2 auxiliary lanes and an approach from km10 + 600 to km13 + 450 having width of 50.5m. During the construction period, overcoming many difficulties and challenges, on March 31, 2018, Dat Phuong successfully completed the work, transferred Niem 2 Bridge and its approach under the specified progess, contributing to the success of urban transport development project in Hai Phong city.

Overview of Niem 2 Bridge after completion

South Binh Bridge and Niem 2 Bridge intersections are two of hundreds of key projects nationwide that were constructed and transferred under the specified progress by Dat Phuong, creating a breakthrough in transport infrastructure, making an important contribution to economic development, bringing sustainable values ​​to the community and society.

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