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Dat Phuong - Value building journey

17/03/2022Dat Phuong Group
Dat Phuong marked the 20th anniversary of its establishment by transforming its operating model and changing brand identity, persistently pursuing the mission of creating real value.

Creating sustainable value from 3 core areas


With the philosophy of bringing satisfaction, during 20 years of operation, Dat Phuong's products have always been built from Integrity, Responsibility and Humanity.

From the core field of construction, Dat Phuong has gradually built up prestige and trust with investors with his imprint in many key projects and projects spread across the country. Constantly learning, quickly updating, applying science and technology, investing in modern machinery and equipment, Dat Phuong gradually masters complex construction technologies on bridges, roads, and highways...bringing safety, ensuring progress along with high quality and aesthetic value.

In the field of hydroelectricity, Dat Phuong always chooses a different way of thinking, looking for new technical solutions, modern technology to come up with the optimal effective plan. There is no such thing as "cutting mountains and canvassing forests" but willing to choose complex construction options that require a lot of resources such as: digging tunnels through mountains, changing dam locations to keep maximum water ...strictly keep "green lungs", from which to emit "white gold", contributing tens of billions of dong to the local budget every year.

Dat Phuong's series of distinctive high-end eco-real estate products bearing the Casamia brand of Dat Phuong is a harmonious and delicate combination of indigenous elements with international values to create a living environment in harmony with nature. Thereby, customers not only receive the highest benefit value but also timeless values.

Giving values through a dedicated product system, Dat Phuong has accumulated and built up many high-quality resources for the self-development of the business. The outstanding growth figures in revenue year by year have clearly demonstrated the co-benefits that Dat Phuong has pursued and maintained for a long time.

DPG doanh thu 

 Move forward

Proud of the values that have been created during 20 years of operation, Dat Phuong Group always keeps the fire of entrepreneurship in itself, exploring new things to surpass themselves. Defining the mission to always create Value for customers, partners, shareholders, the business itself and society, Dat Phuong also advocates and transforms constantly to continue to do this in the best way, reflected in the change of management model, change of new brand identity before the age of 20.

Dat Phuong follows the orientation of becoming a corporation with a diversified and concentrated ecosystem, continuing to maintain 3 core pillars including construction, energy, real estate and adding more hotel and resort services.

Each field will include many subsidiaries, operating activities to optimize resources, promote professionalism and efficiency. Dat Phuong ecosystem, on the one hand, can promote its forte, limit the shortcoming of each unit, and on the other hand, integrate the resources of the whole corporation, following the modern management model in the world.


Casamia urban area invested by Dat Phuong Group

Also during this time, Dat Phuong launched a new brand identity, demonstrating a commitment to constantly acting, strongly adapting, to inculcate in the minds of customers and partners about a Dat Phuong quality, difference, sophistication, ready for international integration.

20 years is just the beginning of a long journey, aspiration for a lasting brand, a mission to continuously create new values for customers, partners, society, businesses and the people at Dat Phuong now turns to a new page.